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Bike sizing. Do it before buying your next bike. It will save you big! (Spoiler: you'll love the ride)


Getting sized is the most important decision in your purchasing process. The right bike geometry and size are vital to your comfort, performance and enjoyment.

But the complexity of new bike design and inconsistency in sizing across manufacturers make the purchasing process confusing. Triathlon and aero bikes with integrated components force you to decide pre-sale the size of these expensive components. What's the right type of bike, size or geometry for you?

Is there a relationship between the geometry and the crank size? Or width of the handlebar? Length of the stem?

Don't buy a bike before reading this article.  ...read more


Excellent fit session, Steffi is a very knowledgeable person, very detail oriented, takes her time and all in all I am really surprised.

I had a good recommendation but the whole thing surpassed all the expectations that I had. She also made an excellent report, pre-fit and post-fit ...read more

This is by far is the best bike fitting company I have seen out there. Super pro and massive attention to details. They literally made 50+ adjustments to almost every part of my bikes. The value is incredible and the fitting and analysis you get is next level technology. ...read more
Five cycling fads that hold you back


There is an amazing wealth of information in the peloton.

And technological advances are making this common peloton knowledge fast obsolete.

Fads come and go. But some fads are so deeply rooted in tradition they have captured our imagination and persist - regardless of their validity.

Find out what they are and how to be a faster and healthier cyclist by avoiding them.  ...read more

Steffi is awesome. Very engaging, with deep knowledge, lots of patience and determination to find the best adjustment fore your present physical condition. [She] basically doubled my wattage output and made the bike more comfortable by identifying misalignments and posture biases ...read more
I've had several bike fits in the past, but nothing like this. Steffi takes the time to understand your body's special needs and incorporates that into the bike fit ...read more
What are the fundamental 4 legs of a cyclist. Why you can't do without them


If you are riding, you are currently using all 4 legs of the cyclist chair.

Weaken one, and your performance becomes shaky.

Find out what the legs are and how to build yourself as a stronger cyclist. ...read more


Steffi really knows her stuff.
I went out the next race and cut 2mph off my average [bike split] time. She takes time to get things right
...read more
I did not have to stop riding due to a knee injury thanks to Steffi. Actually, she is helping with my healing. I had a cycling related injury and ...read more
Steffi fit me on my road bike as well as a new mountain bike. Without her help I would have bought a wrong frame size ...read more
Big & Tall riders.

The bike fitting challenge of non-standard sized cyclists' body geometry


Many of us ride for weight management. Health and fitness are the goal for a life-long commitment to personal success.

 But for certain individuals the body geometry clashes with the bicycle's interface and causes discomfort, pain and even injuries.

This case study addresses the specific needs of big and tall cyclists. It shows how the bike fitting protocol we developed helps in maintaining a healthy biomechanical alignment to support your goals of increasing miles, reaching weight management targets and health - safely. ...read more

I had a great experience on my bike fitting with Steffi. I learnt a lot not only about my bike, but about myself, my feet alignment, some stretching ...read more
I highly recommend going to Steffi if you are not comfortable on your bike. I had a few issues and she fixed them all ...read more
Thank you Steffi for taking the time to get me set up on my new bike. The repositioning of my cleats and modifying my stem has made an incredible difference. I have better control of my cockpit and for the first time feel safe enough to tackle more challenging obstacles that I have been avoiding ...read more


Riding after an injury.

Can you come back stronger than ever with a bike fit?


You don't need to be defined by an injury.
Repetitive use injuries due a poorly biomechanically aligned bike fit force cyclists off the bike and into the doctor's room.

But they also occur when another injury causes your body to compensate for it.

When fitting for injuries, addressing compensation injuries together with the original injury is vital to help cyclists return to healthy riding.

Sometimes, an injury can be used to make your fit even better. This case study shows how we were able to turn an injury into an asset.
..read more


No racer here, but a competitive cyclist that gives his best. I had my bike adjusted in June and I have to say that has been the best money I have spent! ...read more
It's impressive how good Steffi is at what she does. What an incredible depth of knowledge. Such amazing passion for cycling. All that technology ties it together. The results are impressive and the quality of service supreme. This is the place to be for real bike fitting results ...read more
Awesome job done here. I can say I am a happy rider. The process is very detailed and catered to your anatomy, so leave all your hypothesis behind and be ready to learn. You will receive one on one service and will understand your body much more after seeing Steffi. Highly recommend. ...read more

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