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We are a premier saddle sizing and test center for Selle SMP brand of saddles for over 10 years.













We are the first US dealer to receive the Selle SMP S-Tool, the newest Saddle Finder sizing technology released in mid 2020.

We have created the most advanced, customer friendly saddle testing methodology so you can be sized for a range of saddle and test them before you buy any one saddle.

We stock 16+ test saddle models you can try out so you can find the right one after a real life bike riding test on your own back roads



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The S-Tool is a Selle SMP Proprietary technology that measures accurately the width of your ischial bones to determine a range of saddles compatible with your seat bones.

The accurate measurement of the saddle width is only the first step.

The profile of your ischial bones and soft tissue development play a key role in saddle sizing and finding the right saddle for your comfort.

That's why we don't stop at finding your saddle width. Many saddle brands want you to believe that width is the only measurement that matters - so they can sell saddles easily online and without the expert advice you may find at a bike shop or bike fitter.

That's powerful marketing, but it fails the test of time - and real life road test.

We don't believe that you should buy blindly a saddle solely based on a single measurement.


That's why we are a saddle test center - for over 10 years.

We prefer to test for the right saddle profile giving you personal comfort within your width range - before you buy.

A customer demonstrating the use of the Selle SMP S-Tool. Sitting in a pre-determined position, the S-Tool technology measures accurately the width of your seat bones. The width is the guidance for selecting a range of saddle profiles compatible with your body.
There is no better testing than your own feelings.  How does a saddle match your expectations of fit and comfort?

We developed the only test sizing and saddle fit methodology that leverages the Selle SMP S-Tool, our deep knowledge of the saddle range and real-time saddle testing.

The process is done aboard our proprietary sizing bicycle simulating your own bike position.

Once we have your saddle width assessed with the Selle SMP S-Tool, we invite you aboard of our sizing bicycle and we install a series of saddle models that qualified you for based on your bone width.

Each saddle tested is tuned to your body: the Selle SMP saddles have an amazing range of tune-ability that allows them to match your seat bone profile to perfection.

We rapidly change saddle models so you can experience back-to-back several saddle profiles. We evaluate your saddle fit leveraging our expertise, and your feedback is the ultimate decision maker.

This will give you a clear appreciation of saddle profile differences and can begin the process of selection of the saddle you like the most. After the sizing with the S-Tool, the saddles in your profile range are actively tested aboard a sizing bicycle that simulates your bike. We can rapidly test several saddles while you pedal under simulated loads by a smart trainer.

Most customers narrow down their selection to one or two saddles during the in-studio saddle sizing and testing.

Many are positive of their selection during this phase and purchase their preferred saddle at this stage.

Those who prefer to do more extended testing can choose to do the real-life road test.

At this point, it would be ideal to install the saddle on the customer bike as part of a bike fit: it would assure the ideal conditions for testing, comfort and bicycle performance.

Some customers may opt for saddle testing only.

The saddle is installed on the bike, tuned and you get to go ride it in real life.

It's not enough to find you the right saddle width. The saddle must also match the profile of your seat bones. There's no better tool than your own perception. We test several saddle profiles in studio and then you can road test the saddle of your choice in real riding conditions.

We always recommend 3-4 rides that represent a typical mix of your cycling activities: a couple of mid-week short rides and a couple of long weekend rides.

You have a week to test the saddle. Plenty of time...


Selle SMP has established itself as the leader in saddle design for resolving uro-genital problems and provide both performance and comfort improvements. Proven by medical studies (read here) and backed by our own extensive R&D testing and experience, we have accumulated massive experience with Selle SMP sizing and fitting.

Because we chose not be a retail shop, we only carry products that are ancillary to our bike fitting services, making the choice of carrying this brand that much more relevant.

We routinely work with cyclists who are seeking relief from uro-genital issues and need a long-term solution to saddle discomfort.

Other cyclists seek the ultimate performance found in the innovative saddle design that prevents blood  vessels and nerve pinching.

Selle SMP provides us with the saddle technology needed to address those issues.

The revolutionary design and fit are an invaluable ally to our quest for the best bike fit we can achieve for our customers.

While other saddles are flat and allow cyclists to slide too easily forward and back (making the bike fit somewhat vague), Selle SMP saddles are designed to cradle the pelvis in such a way that the position is maintained as the fitter intents -all the while releasing pressure points.

Combining these 2 great characteristics, uro-genital protection and bike fit advantage, made them our only choice for saddle products we would carry.

The ischial bone width and profile. Our saddle sizing and testing methodology matches both, not just width.

We have developed a strong working relationship with Selle SMP and even have collaborated on some ideas about saddles and fit.  We personally use these saddles on all our bikes.

Our personal experience could be in itself a good testimonial for how good these saddles are. But don't just take our word for it.

Read here the clinical data supporting the Selle SMP saddles design and the article in the medical journal.

Selle SMPsaddles do something no other saddle can claim : they are medically proven to prevent and relieve unhealthy uro-genital problems in both men and women.

  • Men: reduce or remove pressure on prostate and bladder muscles

  • Women: reduce or remove pressure on urethral opening and bladder muscles


Our positive experience backs up these claims and so we fit a large number of men and women with these saddles to help with their health, performance and love life.

One nice added effect of using these saddle is also the improvement in performance. The absence of pressure in the perineum allows for an increase in blood flow, making your legs feel fresher under the same load.

Because of this, we decided to work with this product as companion to our performance testing program.


There are different specs for the width of the saddles and choice of materials/design manufactured by Selle SMP. Depending on your type of pelvic bone configuration, application and budget, you may find one model better suited to you than another.

We carry a selected number of models we found relevant in our operations:

Most intermediate to advanced riders in road, mountain and some in aero choose the Pro product line.

Specifically designed for Triathlon use, these saddles address comfort in the aero tucked position.

Most entry to intermediate riders choose this product line because of the additional padding, resistance to wear and price point.


Not everyone likes the same saddle or is going to find the saddle to his/her liking. You must experience this product for yourself and decide if this technology is for you. That's why we have the most advanced and comprehensive saddle test program.



Testing Selle SMP saddles couldn't be any easier, yet it's a fully supported test process.

We provide our customers with guidance in selecting the right model based on needs, application and price.

Being a technical product, Selle SMP saddles need to be properly sized.

You should never pick a saddle out of a chart. An expert saddle fitting session is necessary to choose the right model/size and to properly set it up on your bike, so your experience with the test saddle is as intended.

Selle SMP saddles can be tuned to your specific pelvic curvature once the right model is chosen. Having a Selle SMP certified professional setting up your saddle properly can be the difference between a positive experience and rejection.

We'll help you determine the right one for you when you call us to discuss your specific needs.


NOTE: The Selle SMP sizing and test program doesn't provide any bike fitting services, just saddle sizing and proper saddle fit to ensure best experience.

Customers should ideally schedule a bike fit at the time of the saddle test.

The iconic Yellow/Red Selle SMP Test saddle.

We carry a wide selection of test saddles in selected models


We offer competitive pricing on Selle SMP saddle.

Because we offer such a comprehensive saddle sizing and testing program, we strictly abide to MSRP policies and positively don't do any price matching.

We know there are large internet dealers who buy closeouts and have large volume discounts and so can afford to sell at ridiculously low pricing.

They don't offer saddle sizing, testing, installation and tuning services or even offer any advise. Their game is price cutting.

Our goal is to help our customers and guide you to the right saddle. It takes time and expertise for that.

If you approach us for a saddle, approach us for what we offer, not for discounts. We won't match internet pricing as our policy.


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