The bike fit studio operates exclusively on an appointment basis.

Making an appointment for your Bike Fit or Bike Sizing or Custom Geometry Sizing and Design session is easy.

Give us a call or TXT @ 786-505-7758 and we'll find the right date and time for your bike fit.

We offer long and flexible hours and are always willing to work with you to find a date and time that best suits your needs.

COVID-19 PREVENTION: We space our customers apart so appointments never overlap. We can clean and sanitize our facilities in between appointments. We use caution. A mask may be required to enter the facilities depending on current municipal, state or other health mandates and your/our comfort level.

Please self monitor and be transparent with us when making an appointment. A bike fit can wait a few days if you are unsure of your exposure or health status. We rather be safe than sorry. Please help us maintain a healthy environment for all our customers whether it's just a cold or the more serious COVID-19 virus.

      1 - We are open Monday through Friday 9 AM to 9 PM
      2 -  The latest appointment of the day starts:
  • no later than 4 PM (for a 1st time bike fit or bike sizing protocol)
  • 6 PM for a bike fit tune up (for our returning customers)
  • 6 PM saddle sizing session (it usually lasts 1-2 hrs.)
      3 - Typical bike fit takes 4+ hrs, depending on the chosen package (see options here). Advanced bike fitting may take up to 6 hrs.
      4 - Usually the 9 AM time slot is scheduled for the longer bike fit protocols:
  • pre-sale bike sizing
  • custom geometry sizing
  • bike fit for comfort/injuries 
  • bike fit 3D360 simultaneous bilateral for body discrepancies and advanced injuries
  • bike fit Pro-Level

This gives us more time to work on your situation without getting into late nights or running up against the 4 PM time slot

    5 - Map NOW our location so you can plan for lead time to travel and traffic

When planning for your bike fit, have a preferred date and time and a back up. This helps be prepared in case your preferred choice is not available.

When booking the 4 PM time slot, plan accordingly. You may be with us at the studio until 10 PM if we are working on a complicated bike fit (ideally, we would have booked the 9 AM time slot). Most of our customers take a two hour early leave from work as part of scheduling their afternoon slot bike fit.

Knowing this, may help you plan with work, family duties and dinner plans for that day.

The bike fitting studio is closed on weekends (we need time off too!). We open for exceptional circumstances on some Saturdays from 1 PM to 6 PM on an exception basis. We understand that sometimes this in the only time available for some of our customers and we are happy to help.

There is an up charge of $75 for weekend appointments.

    1 - Most people prefer the 4-6 PM time slot. It's often well-booked in advance.
    2 - Mornings will always give you the best availability.
    3 - We have a booking deposit and cancellation fee policy
Once you have figured out your optimal 2-3 dates and times, give us a call to discuss your needs and schedule. We'll work with you to figure out the best availability that meets your requirements.

Some people may prefer to send us a TXT for the initial contact.

We respond to text messages in a timely manner, but be aware...

We cannot confirm an appointment over a text message only. The appointment can only be confirmed by a voice call. We want to talk to you and make sure you are a real human!



We prefer to talk to our customers and make sure they are not robots driven by the evil empire.
Please notice:

Please call or text with questions and for scheduling.

Do no contact us via Facebook or Instagram messaging apps. There are too many trolls and scammers on social media and it's impossible to separate the legitimate messages from viral attacks. We simply do not respond to avoid issues.

No Social Media messaging can be answered due to spam and viruses

Be prepared to discuss your goals, your bike riding style and background, your needs and any concerns (like injuries or pains).

We'll help you choose the best date and time and the best bike fit package that supports your goals and needs and we'll answer all your questions.

We tried answering all typical questions here.


We will require a valid credit card to book an appointment. The credit card will be charged $100 at the time of booking. This is a non-refundable deposit.

There is a no-show policy and cancellation within 48 hrs of the appointment policy. You will forfeit your deposit of $100 in case of no-show or a cancellation inside 48 hrs of your appointment.

If you prefer to pay cash for the full amount of the bike fit, we will gladly refund your $100 deposit at the time of payment for the bike fit (this is the only exception to the non-refundable deposit policy). Usually, the credit card refund is instantaneous.


There is a process to follow to prepare for the bike fit or bike sizing session. See it here.

The bike fit comes with a warranty. This is something you'll find exclusively at A Perfect Bike Fit Pro Studio.

It underlines our level of commitment to our customers and your success. You can go here to read about the details of your bike fit warranty.

We look forward to seeing you in our bike fit studio.







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