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Custom bicycle geometry design is the ultimate frontier in performance for the most advanced and discerning cyclists. We offer the service of custom designing a bicycle so that it fits yours specific body geometry, builds on your strengths, minimizes your weaknesses and fits you to perfection.

It's culmination of the perfect relationship between human and machine.

Are you ready for the ultimate ride?

It's not as expensive as you think. Compared to off-the-shelf, high-end bicycles, a Custom Geometry may just be a bargain.

For some of the manufacturers we work with, depending on material selection, the costs of a custom geometry frame can start as little as $1,800.

For those cyclists considering a high-end bicycle, or desiring to reward themselves with the ride of a lifetime, a custom bicycle is a very viable option that will deliver the ultimate riding experience. Not even the Pro riders get this kind of service!

Custom geometry design does not increase the purchase cost significantly. On the contrary. Often, the end pricing of a custom designed bicycle is comparable with the mid-line pricing of a typical brand name - but you get the quality of the high-end line.

Only the highest quality materials and processes go into a custom bicycle, because this is an artisan process: each bike is made one at a time with the attention to details and workmanship pride that an assembly line just cannot have.

No marketing gimmicks or flashy ads to convince you the bike is more than it really is. Each custom designed bicycle must earn its reputation one person at a time. It must stand on its own to the scrutiny of only one customer: you.

A custom designed bicycle will achieve the best fit you have ever experienced; it will have the riding characteristics you desire and it will reflect who you are as a cyclist.

A custom geometry designed bike can achieve the ultimate bliss.

Craftsmanship in metals or carbon mould and bonding is the hallmark of a custom bike. One piece at a time.


Looking for custom bike design pricing? Go here.

There are many reasons why a cyclist may seek a custom design:

  1. The best ride possible. Spec your heart out. This is your bicycle!

  2. The best performance possible. You can have your bike designed to help you win.

  3. Specific preferences for handling. You can tune the bike's handling characteristic to match your riding style. Fast and responsive. Predictable and stable. Whatever you prefer.

  4. Comfort. Material selection and geometry design can give the bicycle the feel that you want.

  5. One-of-a-kind bicycle that fits you perfectly. Get your bike to feel a certain way underneath you, move in-synch with you.

  6. Specific application (ex: crit racing, climbing). You can have a bike designed to do exactly the job you want it to.

  7. Atypical body geometry (ex: big and tall, small and short). Short legs and long torso? Small stature? Or maybe you are as tall a Pro basketball player. The custom process designs a bike that fits your specific body.

  8. Injuries minimization (ex: lower back range of motion limitations). If your are not as flexible as you used to be or something prevents you from finding comfort in an off-the-shelf bike, you can have a geometry designed to fit you as you are - keeping the fun of riding endless. It also allows you make the bike looks exactly they way you want it. If you like a bike with very few (to none) spacers under the stem, but you must sit up, this is for you.


We draw from our experience accumulated during the years working with Colnago to design a bicycle that truly fits the way you ride. We learned from the very best and now we can offer that experience to you.

Combining the accumulated knowledge of tradition and cutting-edge computer technology, we put together a program that rivals and exceeds the tools available to even most Pro teams.

We combined the most advanced technologies in bike fitting and bike sizing. We leveraged Retül's 3D motion capture technology - the world's Pro bench mark in bike fitting and sizing.

Then we developed our own proprietary Dream Bike software and bike sizing hardware to extract the most accurate information from your dynamic interaction with the bicycle and design a bike that moves with you.

No one goes to this extent of passion, technology, tool development, integration and design. We agonized for years over every step of this process, studying, researching, developing, inventing and building every tool used in this process.

We can literally build you a bike underneath you, starting from the way you move with the bike and how that sets your points of contact with the bicycle itself.

We turn the dynamic bike fit data it into a custom bicycle design that is as unique as you are, yet steeped in proven performance - the design is always proofed, no crazy geometries allowed.

It's a process of perfection that yields the ultimate result in personalizing your bicycle, the bike fit and the performance.


We have taken the process of bike design and brought it to the next level of customization to match exactly your specific needs. Thanks to the revolution in bike fitting and digital capture of bike measurements afforded by the Retül 3D motion capture system, we were able to develop hardware and software to complement and add to the technology, so we can design a bicycle geometry that fits the way you move.

The process starts with you getting fitted on our custom-designed sizing bicycle using the Retül 3D motion capture system to determine your best fit while simulating different bicycle geometries and finding the best size components (like the length of the cranks and the width of the handlebar). This is a process very similar to our bike sizing procedure, with the biggest difference being that we don't start from a published geometry, but with a blank slate.

The key to our process is the Dynamic 3D Motion Capture data acquisition of your relationship to your future bike. This data collection is done in real time, while you pedal on the sizing bicycle using Retül 3D motion capture technology.

Eight infrared laser sensors broadcast the position of each of your body limbs 16 times per second as you pedal under a simulated load. Retül builds a database of these body postures - a staggering minimum of 256 positions! - and reports back all your critical measurements in digital format.

Some of these measurements are average positions you assume during pedaling. Some are maximum and minimum positions you extend yourself into. They are critical in the determination of what's possible for your body, what must be protected and what can be optimized to get the best out of your biomechanical potential.

This guides us to the design of your bicycle, so it fits the way you move in real life. Literally, we design the bicycle underneath you, using the output of you dynamic motion capture data and the resulting ideal points of contact with your bike.

We have developed our own proprietary software to extract the Retül data and turn it into your bicycle design.

You can spec your favorite components (like handlebar and seatpost) and preferences (like length of the stem). Our software will help us design a bike that fits you using the components you prefer - and we are able to tell you if your choices are not optimal.

This is not only cutting edge, but really a unique process that we apply to achieve unparallel results.

You can find this custom design process with only us.


In static bike fit and geometry design, biometric data is accumulated with a single static gathering of your body critical measurements: your standard anthropometrics (A, B, C, etc. as seen in the diagram to the left). This is done simply with a tape measure.

The bicycle designer applies the measurements of your arms, legs and other limbs to a fictitious human placed on a virtual bicycle at a predetermined position (see diagram to the right). The bike and components are sized based on that single static position and your measurements.

This leads to the oversimplification of the critical parameters that represent your interaction with the bicycle.

It overlooks maximums and minimums in your interface with the geometry, which can lead to severe under-representation of your dynamic interaction with the bicycle and to undesirable biomechanical behaviors. 

Static bike fit based geometry design averages out everything - even the size of components - and relies on the final fit to actually get you aligned into the bike.  Just like a stock bicycle. So why bother with a custom design when the results are so limited?

Sometimes, this process is done on fancy, servo-motor controlled sizing bicycles (Guru and Trek Precision Fit). Don't let that fool you. The sizing bike is only part of the equation - an important part, but not as critical as the data acquisition. The data for your bike fit and position must be collected while in motion and with accuracy. Video camera bike fitting systems are also not effective. They suffer from tremendous accuracy problems because they are stop motion capture systems, not real-time dynamic data collection capable. They acquire one single position data for your fit, bringing you back to the same-old, outdated process.

Finally, the measurements data acquisition on these sizing bikes is still done with a tape measure. Can you imagine? Millimeters being rounded off here and there and subject to human error!

That's why, in our opinion, static-based bike fitting and bike design have become an obsolete methodology.

The Retül 3D motion captures every body movement while you pedal and builds a database of interface at least 256 positions with your bike.






Static bike fit based geometry design uses one single position to determine your geometry.

The difference in using our approach to custom geometry design and the old process is staggering. The improvements in results using a Dynamic Motion Capture system as compared to the single static measurement methodology are... dramatic. The computerized, laser-assisted data acquisition of your custom bike measurements is accurate within 1/10th of a millimeter. And the way our software works in getting this extremely accurate data and turning into actionable design elements is simply a brilliant development destined to change custom bicycle design for ever.

And you can get it only in our bike fitting studio.


The Custom Geometry Bicycle Design is a 3-step process:

1) Geometry Interview and Bike Sizing

On the first day of the custom geometry process you'll be working with us to discuss your needs and expectation from your custom bicycle.

  • Discuss the following:
    • The application of your bicycle (i.e. how you want to use it)
    • Choice of materials
    • Preferences in handling
    • Preferences in performance
    • Preferences in design
    • Group components

A) Pre-fit analysis and history

The pre-fit analysis allows us to learn about you and your body. In essence, we learn what's possible and what's not, what maximizes you and what needs to be protected.

  • Pre-fit analysis:
    • Personal history interview
    • Flexibility
    • Joint range of motion
    • Muscle range of motion and activation
    • Dynamic interaction of key muscle groups
    • Strength of key muscle groups
    • Gait analysis
    • Plantar (foot) and nerve analysis

B) Bike fit on sizing bicycle. Raw bicycle geometry acquisition.

The sizing session on the bike is where we make the most critical decisions. Knowing what you want the bike to do, how you plan to use and what your body can and shouldn't be doing, we simulate geometries and change the size of the components until we reach your ideal body position.

  • Bike fitting on sizing bicycle:
    • Retül 3D Dynamic motion capture on sizing bicycle
    • Simulate geometries compatible with stated application
    • Size components (cranks, handlebar, etc.)
    • Digitize bike measurements with Retül 3D Zin data capture system
    • E-mail data (PDF format)

The process of bike digitization is where we get the critical data to begin the design process. Retül's unique 3D bike measurement process is accurate within 1/10 of a millimeter. It uses 4 lasers on a CAD wand to extract the bike measurements from the sizing bike. No measuring tape - or human error.

It creates a measuring map of your body interaction with the sizing bike and gives us that information. From here we can begin designing your bike. See here a sample.

Custom bikes can be made of your favorite material. Carbon, Titanium or Steel. Aluminum too, if you so desire. Your choice.

The sizing bicycle determines the ideal position and geometry. It can simulate any geometry and any component size to suit your special needs and preferences. The bike fit position at this stage determines your contact points and the raw geometry before optimization for production.

The Retül 3D Zin digital capture of the sizing bike after your optimized 3D motion capture bike fit yields the raw geometry configuration from which we start the optimization design. Click to see full image.

2) Custom Geometry Design

In the next several days, the bicycle geometry is drawn from the Retül Zin bicycle data acquired.

We'll do the following:

  • Import Retül 3D Zin data into our proprietary Dream Bike software
  • Design bicycle with regards to your preferences and Retül data
  • Discuss geometry design outcome and limitations (if any)
  • Submit to chosen manufacturer
  • Receive and analyze manufacturer provisional production blue print
  • Discuss manufacturer blue print and production compromises (if any)
  • Customer submits approved blueprint to manufacturer.

Most manufacturers will take 30-60 days for the production of the custom bicycle.


Retül data imported in our software allows us to design a bicycle underneath your points of contact. Able to simulate and compare several bike geometries, the Dream Bike software is a powerful tool for your success. 

3) Bike Fitting on Custom Geometry Designed bicycle

This is the final day. You will be fitted with Retül 3D motion capture to fine-tune and finalize the position on your new custom made bicycle. This is where we work to achieve the best interaction between you and your custom designed bicycle.

We'll do the following:

  • Do a series of Retül 3D motion capture runs
  • Make fine-tune adjustments to your position to optimize you in the custom design geometry
  • Do pedal ID analysis and power profile to optimize power output (upgrade to PRO is optional)
  • Finalize the fit
  • Digitize the final fit on your custom geometry bicycle with Retül 3D Zin data capture system
  • E-mail you a set of reports (PDF file)

The final fit session on the actual custom designed bicycle geometry is all about fine tuning and finding the perfect fit on a bike designed for your body


We don't sell bicycles. We only provide the bike sizing, design and fitting services. The pricing for that service is here.

We collaborate closely and routinely with some manufacturers, but we are completely agnostic and work with any manufacturer of your choice, big or small.

The actual price of the custom geometry designed bicycle is set by the manufacturer. We work with many and some extend special pricing to our customers, but not all do. Some charge a custom design fee - even though we do most of the work together - because they have to translate the measurements we give them into their own CAD system and they need to proof the geometry - a very necessary step to ensure success.

The procedure varies as much as the options for a custom geometry.

A down deposit or a full down payment is required by all manufacturers. Each custom geometry manufacturer has a procedure for engaging customers. We leave to you and them to work out those details. But we'll happily advocate for you and the accuracy of the custom geometry production.

Currently we work with the following manufacturers:

Fondriest. Italian niche high-end manufacturer that has been producing the lightest frames in the record books - and yet, very resistant at 140N/mm. Steeped in Italian tradition and bearing the racing pedigree of Maurizio Fondriest, these bikes are the pinnacle of custom design and manufacturing.

TF0 - Lightest production bike

790 grams  (size 54), 340 grams fork

(Compare to the industry high-end bike average of 900 grams frame and 450 grams fork).

Toray 40 Tons Carbon, bonded, internal lugs, seamless design.

Carbon monolith integrated dropouts on rear stays and fork.


Full custom design where the ultimate light weight, lateral stiffness and comfort are required.


All geometry parameters can be spec'ed, subject to manufacturer production and safety proofing and approval.

Mechanical and Electronic compatible

BB: choice: PF30, BB30, ITA or ENG

100% made in Italy. Hand bonded and hand-finished


TF1 - Super light aero

Born from the design of the TF0, the TF1 is a more price-conscious bicycle - making it a best bang for the buck.

795 grams  (size 54), 360 grams fork

(Compare to the industry high-end bike average of 900 grams frame and 450 grams fork).

Toray 40 Tons Carbon, bonded, internal lugs, seamless design.


Full custom design where the ultimate fit and comfort must meet a medium-line budget.


All geometry parameters can be spec'ed, subject to manufacturer production and safety proofing and approval.

BB (PF30, BB30, ITA or ENG)

Mechanical and Electronic compatible.

Disc brakes option

BB: PF only

Custom made in Italy.


SF2 / SFD - Steel

Born from tradition with a nostalgic cycling golden-era look and all modern performance. Lugged steel.

1490 grams  (size 54), 650 grams fork

Chrome-plated lugs, bonded steel tubing, replica design.


Full custom design where the ultimate comfort and look of steel meet the ultimate fit on a very competitive budget.


All geometry parameters can be spec'ed, subject to manufacturer production and safety proofing and approval.

Mechanical and Electronic compatible.

Disc brakes option

Custom made in Italy.

Samson South Florida born, near to our location and our heart, Samson designs in Hialeah and produces to specs in Taiwan light weight custom Titanium Mountain Bikes and Cycle Cross Bikes.

The final product is assembled in Florida.

The Judge

Titanium hard tail available in 29 and 27.5. Light weight Cross Country race-inspired bicycle with the comfort and stiffness of Ti.


Full custom design for X/C racer or enthusiast, where the ultimate fit and comfort must meet speed and a medium-line budget.


All geometry parameters can be spec'ed, subject to manufacturer production and safety proofing and approval.

Custom laser etching on tubing available.

Designed in Hialeah, made in Taiwan.

The Jury

Pivotless Titanium full suspension, race inspired but very trail capable, extremely light weight bicycle.


Mountain bikers wanting full suspension performance at hard tail weight. Custom design for X/C racer or enthusiast, where the ultimate fit, comfort and performance must meet full suspension and a medium-line budget.


All geometry parameters can be spec'ed, subject to manufacturer production and safety proofing approval.

Custom laser etching on tubing available.

Designed in Hialeah, made in Taiwan.


The Executioner

Titanium Cross and gravel grinder race inspired, extremely light weight bicycle. Great to race, comfortable on a 100 miles gravel adventure


Cross racer wanting a comfortable shoulder portage and light weight package. Full custom design for cross racer or gravel enthusiast, where the ultimate fit and comfort must meet a medium-line budget.


All geometry parameters can be spec'ed, subject to manufacturer production and safety proofing approval.

Custom laser etching on tubing available.

Designed in Hialeah, made in Taiwan.


The price of OEM high-end bikes is skyrocketing because of the race to integrated components and proprietary aero solutions. Integrated components reduce fit options, forcing you to adjust to the bike, instead of the other way around.

Wouldn't it make sense to have your own high-end bike built to fit you exactly - and possibly even spend less?


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