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How do I prepare for the fit?

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What do I bring to the fit session?

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How do I choose the right fit package for me?

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How does Retül fit work?

Retül 3D motion capture bike fitting system is indisputably the most advanced fitting system in the world. Read here how it works and how we use it.

We maximized the potential of the Retül technology by developing a set of enhancing and supporting technology of our own invention and unique to our bike fitting operations - they are not found anywhere else.  Without this supporting technologies, other businesses don't deploy their Retül tools at their best and your results may not be as maximized as in our practice. See here our original technologies here.

You must also consider that the best fitting technology is nothing without an experienced and skilled operator. Our master bike fitter has over a decade of experience in using Retül and nearly two decades in bike fitting using multiple tools and technologies.

Our master bike fitter developed bike fitting protocols from years of R&D and independent research. We wrote the book on bike fitting protocols for aero road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes and triathlon specific bike fitting - not the same as time trial as most bike fitters seem to think.

How you use technology and apply a philosophy of bike fitting have a lot to do with the success of a bike fit.  Read here our philosophy in fitting and in operating as a bike fitting service provider

Finally, how a business runs it operations makes a huge difference. The level of attention to details and customer support quality you'll get can vary greatly depending on the level of desire of a business to be ethical. We see ourselves as serving our cycling community first, then as an enterprise for profit. We put your results above any other consideration.

How do I select a fitter?

Selecting your fitter is probably the most significant decision you'll have to make when thinking about getting a bike fit. Not all fitters are the same. Level of education, experience, quality of work, ethics and technology are, among others, the key parameters to evaluate if a fitter is fit to fit you.

We compiled a set of parameters you can use to evaluate a bike fitter and see if he/she is a match for your bike fitting needs.

Click here for a checklist of items to check when selecting your bike fitter.

Don't just let anyone do your bike fitting.

Is Retül bike fitting system better than other systems?

No doubt, Retül is the most advanced bike fitting system available. It has been the true and only live 3D motion capture bike fitting system for the last decade. It's head and shoulders above the rest for the amount of relevant and accurate data it provides a fitter.

With 1mm accuracy in 3 Dimension, Retül can see the fine details of your motions while riding a bike. That granular level of details is needed to make you faster and help you be comfortable, prevent a injury reoccurrence or even help prevent it. No other fitting system can claim that.

When coupled with our own supporting bike fitting technology, Retül operates at its very best for accuracy and actionably of data.

A tool is only as good as its operator and our Master Bike Fitter has over a decade of experience running the Retül bike fitting technology and is the inventor and engineer behind our own bike fitting technology. That much experience is put to work for you.

That's how we achieve consistent results for our customers and we are sought world-wide for our bike fitting services.

See here the Retül technology.

See here a comparison to traditional (AKA old school) bike fitting.

Some shops charge less and other charge more for bike fitting. What's the difference?

There is a great variety of pricing in bike fitting.  Mostly, pricing varies by level and quality of service, technology used and experience of the fitter. There are also more advanced fit packages that cost more.

The old saying: "You get way you pay for", does apply to bike fitting.

Because there are no agreed-upon standards of bike fitting pricing or a baseline for service level standard for the technology used, most shops and fitting centers will charge what they can - regardless of the service level they are actually providing.

Be careful and selective about your bike fitter, and don't judge by pricing alone.

You may have a fit professional using outdated or inferior technology, charging the same as a certified fitting professional. See here how to select your fitter.

There are a few fitting technologies out there. Some are better than others, but none compare to Retül -which has become the industry standard for setting the highest level of quality. See here the Retül technology.

If you shop for a Retül  fit, the price is pretty consistent across fitters. However, because not all fitting centers use certified operators, just getting the technology is not enough. Ask questions about your bike fitter and the experience using the technology, the amount of bike fits done to date and the level of education in biomechanics.

Click here for a checklist of items to check when selecting your bike fitter.

Is there any additional charge to the cost of fitting?

Sometimes, the fit requires fit consumables that are additional to the baseline cost of the bike fit.

These are the typical bike fit consumables that you may require in order of how frequently they are needed:

  • Stem (most commonly replaced)
  • Seat post - 0 offset or setback (commonly replaced)
  • Cleat wedges
  • Cleat risers
  • Pedal extenders
  • Shoe inserts

These items are not included in the cost of the bike fit fit. We make sure to keep the costs down on these consumables and we keep good stock.

We positively don't install what's not needed. We don't want the fit process to be tainted by sales. If you need a part you really need it and we'll discuss with you all options.

Some components are proprietary and a specific bicycle brand and will require you to purchase them through an authorized dealer and, in some cases, they must installed by an authorized, brand-specific bike shop.

Most of the time we can easily install standard bike fit consumables during the bike fit.

I was fit at my bike shop when I purchased the bike. Do I need to be fitted again?

Most likely. Most bike fits done at the shop after a bike purchase are just meant to be a quick, basic set up.

It's very unlikely that a proper bike fit was done at the time of bike purchase. A proper bike fit should at minimum involve:

  • Pre-fit analysis of your body's abilities and range of motion
  • Cleat adjustments
  • seat height, forward and aft adjustment
  • handlebars position
  • stem length and height adjustment

If your bike fit took just a few minutes, then you should be considering a proper bike fit that pays attention to your body and the details of your bike set up.

Read here the steps that should be followed by a fitter to ensure the success of your fit. And read here our fitting philosophy.

How does your bike fitting differ from others and the bike shops that offer it?

We are not a bike shop. We are the only independent and dedicated bike fitting center in South Florida.

All we do is bike fitting, bike sizing pre-sale to find the right bike and custom geometry bike design.

We don't sell bikes, components, nutrition or anything else. We are not attached to a bike shop.

We find that to be important, so that the fitting process is never tainted by sales considerations. If you need a bike fit consumable, it's because it's part of your bike fit, not an add-on sales.

Being independent allowed to develop our business completely driven by bike fitting and research and the success of your bike fit as the only considerations.

Some bike shops find extravagant the extend to which we went to select the highest quality of our technology and equipment or that we even bothered with inventing our own bike fitting technologies.

Most called us crazy for developing our own bike fit technology for the time, effort and expense it took. Had we been in a bike shop (or average fitters), we wouldn't have been able to develop our craft to this level of refinement.

But since we are unbound by any consideration other than our own survival, we created an environment that is technology-rich, educated, maniacal about human performance and driven by one and only consideration: the utmost success of your bike fit.

You are serious about your bike riding/racing. We are serious about your bike fit. Read more about us.

I have some pain after I ride, but a couple of days later I am OK. Is it normal or should I get a bike fit?

Pain is never normal. Pain should not be part of your cycling experience. That's a sign that there's misalignment with your bike.

But it's all to common. Most cyclists approach us about resolving pain and discomfort while riding the bike.

Fortunately, a pain that comes with riding and goes away with resting is not permanent -yet. It's called a repetitive use injury. Over time, it may actually develop in something more severe. A medical professional is the most appropriate person to consult for any injury.

A properly done bike fit can address the underlying issues causing the pains. Using the best technology and having a strong road map in bike fitting for injuries and comfort is the key to succeed with neutralizing the issues with pain.

Our experienced Retül Master Bike Fitter can neutralize the source of the biomechanical mis-alignment and help you begin the recovery process and riding pain-free. See here options for getting fitted for minor aches/pains and for major pains/injuries.

I have persistent pain that doesn't go away with rest - ever. I can still ride. What fit level should I choose?

Persistent pain is never good. We suggest first seeing a doctor to find out if this could be a serious issue. After you are clear with your doctor, you should select the "Fit for Injuries" protocol for your bike fit.

Pain could be a low level discomfort like a shin splint, or a medium level like carpal tunnel syndrome or high level like IT band or tendonitis. If it doesn't go away within a day or two of rest, then you need a bike fit for injuries to the root of the problem before the damage accumulates too much.

As compared to a regular Retül 3D bike fit, the Fit for Injuries protocol uses Retül's fine resolution for 3D motion to focus first on the factor causing the pain/injury, then performance. More time is spent discovering the underlying causes and re-aligning your biomechanics and ergonomics to neutralize the problem. The process is longer than a typical Retül 3D fit for someone without persistent injuries. See here more info about Fit For Injuries options and pricing.

What if I have more than 1 bike? Do you fit any type of bike?

Yes! We can fit you to just about any bike you have.

Road, gravel, aero road, track, cross, triathlon, mountain bike, hybrid, tandem you name it, we have done it. We are even developing a system to fit recumbent bikes.

Many cyclists engage in more than one riding discipline and/or have more than one bike. It's good to switch it up.

The good news is: we offer discounts for fitting more than one bike. We understand that once you feel the goodness of being fitted on one bike, you'd like to be fitted on all the other bikes. And we know you are not made of money.

Here we come to the rescue. All our returning customers who have been fitted before by us with any of the Retül protocol fit package enjoy $100 off their next fit. See our pricing page for more info.

Can you fit my 2 bikes in the same session/day?

Sure we can. And we do on a regular basis. It's an efficient way for you to make the best use of your time spent with us.

And, of course, you enjoy the 2nd+ bike discount: $100 off any Retül fit package. Your choice of level. Go ahead. Go Pro level fit. With savings this good, it's a good option.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do!

The most popular discount is the 2nd+ bike discount: $100 off any Retül fit package for.

We also offer group pricing for large teams and groups. Discounts vary by the size of the group and it's best to reach out to us to discuss a plan that fits your group/team.

I have been fitted before by you. I just need a quick checkup. Do I need to pay for a full fit again?

No you don't. You need a fit tune up.

A fit tune up is the same process as your original fit, but much faster.

Because we have already learned a lot about you and done a lot of work during the original fit session, we don't need to spend much time on the basics and we can focus on just updating what changed from the last session.

We review your current position and make the changes necessary to the fit to assure its integrity to the original or even new specs (if you lost weight, for example). It's faster than the original fit and it's cheaper -a simple charge by the hour.

We know you are not made of money. That's why we have a great fit warranty program and super-fair fit tune up pricing if you are outside your warranty period and need tweaks or have done equipment changes since the fit.

I have changed my shoes. Do I need to come back for a bike fit tune up?

Yes. Absolutely. If you change your shoes you changed your bike fit.

Just like any other point of contact on the bike (shoes, pedals, cleats, seat position, stem length or position), changing i

Shoes have different stack height (thickness) at the sole. Also, they have different sole/last profile. That changes completely the position of your foot within the shoe itself and with respect to the cleats and pedal axle, changing your fit. Leg extension and knee-over-foot parameters are most adversely affected.

We have seen some shoes change the seat height by as much as 10mm!

Fortunately, we know that parts need upgrading over time. And we know you are not made of money. So we have a good program for you to help you keep your fit integrity and save.

It's best to come for a fit review with the new shoes and new cleats too. We'll set you up right and help you protect your original investment in time and money into your bike fit. Check out the super-fair fit review pricing.

I am thinking about changing my saddle. Does it affect my fit?

It positively does. Even if you measure exactly where the old saddle was placed and match the location, the seat profile is different and your sit bones will sit in a different location than the original saddle.

This will throw the fit off, significantly. Fortunately. we know that parts need upgrading and we know you are not made of money. So we have a good program for you.

It's best to come for a fit review with the new saddle. We'll set you up right and help you protect your original investment in time and money into your bike fit. 

Does changing pedals affect my fit?

Yes, it does. Unless you are swapping one-for-one with the exact same pedal.

Pedals have different stack height from the spindle to the engagement platform. Even pedals of the same brand have varying stack heights. This throws off the fit, as it changes your leg extension.

If you are changing brands, then the changes are clear: new platform, new cleat.

Fortunately. we know that parts need upgrading and we know you are not made of money. So we have a good program for you.It's best to come for a fit tune up with the new pedals. We'll set you up right and help you protect your original investment in time and money into your bike fit.

My cleats wore out. I am not sure I can install them myself in the same position. Can you help?

Sure we can. Changing cleats for new ones is something we do often for our customers.

It helps keep them aligned to the original fit set up.

Fortunately. we know that parts need upgrading and we know you are not made of money. So we have a good program for you.

It's best to come for a fit tune up with the new cleats. We'll set you up right and help you protect your original investment in time and money into your bike fit. It's an small, flat fee charge and don't even need to bring the bike. We'll test the success of the cleats placement aboard our sizing bike.

I just changed a component (saddle, pedals, handlebar, shoes, etc.) on my bike. I just need a quick check. Does the fit warranty apply or do I need to pay again?

The fit warranty covers you for 60 days since the original fit, provided that you don't make any changes to your fit. The idea of the warranty is for us to further improve our original job to your liking. In case something didn't quite work out the way we were expecting in the studio. We basically warrant the quality of our original fit outcome by giving you 30 min free bike fitting time. It's usually plenty of time to do the little tweaks needed.

When you swap parts your fit is no longer the original job we did. So, we can't warrant that. But we have a very friendly and cost saving program to help you maintain the integrity of your fit across equipment changes.

It's best to come for a fit tune up with the new equipment. We'll set you up right and help you protect your original investment in time and money into your bike fit. Most bike fit tune ups are inexpensive and quick.

I have been fitted before by you. I want to buy a new bike. Can you help with the size?

Yes. We developed the most advanced technology for new bike sizing to find the correct bike type, model, geometry and size. Not all bikes are created equal and some will fit your body. Some other bikes may never fit you well and hold back your performance and/or comfort.

We well schedule a sizing session aboard our world-class leading sizing bike technology  to find your ideal bicycle type, model, geometry and size.

This is a really in-depth process that works with your brand preference (if any), budget and your body to find the bikes that fit (could be more than one) and those that don't. Read here how this fascinating, technology rich bike sizing process works.


I just bought a new bike. I have been fitted by you before. Do I get a break on fit pricing?

Congrats! Schedule an appointment with us to get fitted on your new bike with confidence.

You enjoy the 2nd+ bike discount for any Retül fit session. You will be set up with the same attention to details as we did on your original bike. Because we already know you and your needs, this fitting session will be shorter than the original (usually 1 hr less).

That's our way to say thank you for being such an awesome customer.

I want to buy a new bike but I am not sure what size or geometry. Can you help?

Yes, we can. You need to schedule a bike sizing session.

Bike sizing is a process where we use a sizing bike to find your ideal bike type, geometry and size given your body dimensions, limb ratios and geometry.

We designed our own sizing bike as the only one if its kind to be able to replicate any bike model, size and geometry with 100% accuracy - or even make you a custom bike.

It's an amazing piece of technology that lets you test and feel a bike (exactly fitted to you) before you buy it.

It's a really cool process that helps you find if a bike you are interested in is a match for you or not.

Read here how bike sizing helps you save and how of bike sizing works.

We start with a short list of 2-3 bikes that you are interested in. We download and install the geometry of each bike onto our bike sizing technology and then we fit you just like aboard the real bike.

We determine the saddle height, handlebars position, stem length, etc. and evaluate the quality of the bike fit on each specific bike in your short list.

During this session, we determine once for all the best crank length -given a geometry - and your real bike size.

Modern bicycles vary so greatly in dimensions and geometry that often it's impossible to state you are a 54 or a 56, etc.

Triathlon bikes are the most complicated: geometries vary so much, sizing seem to follow no standard at all. We have sized the same rider in a S in a Specialized Shiv and a L on a Scott Plasma. That must be confusing to customers. But not to us.

Bike sizing will give you the only set of measurements that are positively a match for your body.

Couple that info with the correct crank length and components size (like stem, barstem, seatpost setback, etc.) and you are ready to shop as an informed consumer - not at the whim of what the bike store wants to move off the floor.

This is a 2 sessions process all included in one price.

1) Session 1 - before purchase- bike sizing to find the right bike model, geometry and size.

2) Session 2 -after the purchase- bike fitting into your new bike to ensure the perfect fit . See here more details on pricing and process.

I want to design a custom bike to my specifications. Can you do that?

Yes. We are a custom geometry bike design center collaborating with several custom bike manufacturers.

We have designed bikes for customers building with:

- Favaloro (Italy)

- Fondriest (Italy)

- Sarto (Italy)

- Alchemy (US)

- Seven (US)

- Merlin (US)

- Eriksen Bingham (US)

- Samson (US)

- Chumba (US)

- Havoonian (US)

We design bikes for any builder you may choose. We are agnostic in that respect.

We have designed Road, Aero Road, Gravel, Triathlon, Mountain, Cyclecross and even Tandem bikes.

Read the article about bike sizing and learn  in depth how it works.

We have developed the most advanced methodology for custom geometry and size bike design. The focus is you and how the bike should fit you.

We developed our own custom size bike bicycle technology to be able to create a bike in any type, geometry and size.

We coupled this amazing sizing bike with Retül 3D motion capture technology to fit your body to an ideal geometry and size specific to how your body moves.

Effectively, we are able to change all major parameters of a bike geometry while we do your bike fit you aboard it. We keep improving the geometry until the bike fit is ideal.

This is a dynamic process, not static.

Our process is significantly more advanced than custom bike builders - especially those internet-based builders who never see you in person.

All custom geometry manufacturers base their geometry on four to six body measurements (like inseam, torso length, femur, arm span). They rely on a standard computer simulation of your body position aboard the bike and modify a generic geometry to match the static position of your body aboard the bike. This process assumes an ideal position that's not realistic.

We all are inherently flawed individuals with postures that are affected by life or injuries or even aging. We are not ideal in our body position in relation to the bike. We are have our own habits and limitations. And we pedal in many different ways - what we call the Pedal ID.

Bike fitting is all about taking this into account and optimizing the position on the bike. Our bike sizing takes it to next level and matches the bike to your body to perfection, even when the body is not perfect.

That why we designed out custom geometry design process to be dynamic. We see you pedal in real time in 3D motion and we adjust the size bike to fit you the way you really are - not some ideal computer-generated - until we arrive at the ideal geometry and size.

You have a lot of input into this process. You can tell us you'd like to use a specific fork - so we can set up the head angle to have the desired trail and steering characteristics. Or that you wants a specific handling - so we can choose rear center and front center, trail and head angles. You may want the stem to be a certain height above the headset - so it looks pro.

Much of the bike sizing process is about your preferences - including the paint job.

Our job in the bike sizing process is to determine the right angles and size for the perfect bike geometry fit that matches your expectations for performance and handling.

How do I reserve the Q-Rings to test? How does the test program work?

Call us and we'll discuss your specific needs and reserve your Test Q-Rings.

Depending on your type of bike (road, tri or MTB) and needs, the ring size and BCD will vary. We'll help you determine the right one for you.

NOTE: we don't install the rings. Please have your bike shop install them.

You can keep the Q-rings for 2 weeks to test. You'll be required to pay a deposit for the full the price of the Q-Ring/s tested. At the end of the test period, if you like them, we will order the rings for you (2-5 days turn around) and keep the deposit. If you don't purchase the Q-Rings from us, your deposit will be returned minus $50 for the Q-Ring fit service time and use. See here for more details. 

How does the Selle SMP Test saddle program work?

It's very simple. Set up and appointment and come by the studio with your bike.

We'll size you for the right saddle for you, depending on your needs and configuration.

We'll install the Test yellow/red saddle and tune it for you. You can keep it for 2 weeks to make sure you like it. You'll be required to pay a deposit for the full the price of the saddle. At the end of the test period, if you like the saddle, we will swap it out for a saddle in your choice of color (if available) and keep the deposit. If you don't purchase the saddle, your deposit will be returned minus $50 for the saddle fit service time and use. See here for more details.

NOTE: the test program doesn't provide bike fitting of any kind. But you'll enjoy a discount if you book a bike fitting session and purchase the saddle at the same time.

Call us and we'll discuss your specific needs and reserve your Test Selle SMP saddle.

Do I get any type of report after my fit?

Yes! You get a full report after your fit.

All the documentation of your case is summed up in a PDF file. The most important is a file called Retül Bike Report. This file contains the final measurements of your bike fit. It will allow you to restore your fit in case something gets moved around.

We e-mail you all the fit files immediately after your fit.

Of course, we keep records. We can always look back at the files in case it's needed.

How do I get my fit files?

We e-mail the fit files in a PDF file immediately after your fit. They can be opened on any computer or smart phone.

If you can't find your fit files, here is what to do:

  • Search you inbox for an e-mail  from perfectbikefit@gmail.
  • If you are unable to find the bike fit e-mail, we can e-mail you the fit files again. Be aware: it may take time.

For faster access, we recommend saving your fit files as soon you receive them at the end of your session.

We suggest saving them on your local phone storage, so they are available regardless of location or reception.


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