Bike fitting is a combination of technology, science and experience. Once can't go without the others.

During the bike fitting process your position on the bicycle is changed so that your body is naturally positioned in a biomechanically neutral alignment.

It's important to make the distinction that the body posture we fit you to is the result of your natural interaction with the bike - not some forced posture that you are required to maintain consciously.

The bike is adapted to you, not you to the bike. This allows you to interact with your bike harmoniously, comfortably and with more power.

There are some fitting disciplines that recommend forcing oneself into some ideal position. Can you imagine trying to force yourself into a position for 50 miles - or longer? Nonsense.

The methodology used in your fitting -what we call our philosophy in fitting- is also important. You wouldn't want to be fitted by someone with outdated or wrong knowledge. The bike fitting knowledge has advanced so much in the past 5 years. Fitters had to re-educate and evolve past their own experience and notions.

How fitters think the fitting procedure should be is deeply rooted in the understanding of many different factors:

  • Knowledge of fitting
  • Knowledge of biomechanics
  • Knowledge of biology
  • Knowledge of exercise physiology
  • Knowledge of aerodynamics
  • Experience in fitting a variety of people
  • Experience in fitting technologies
  • Experience in riding in multiple disciplines
  • Experience in sports psychology

Bike fitting is a multi-step process that relies        on technology as much as it does on experience.

The use of modern and advanced technology is important. But knowing how to use it, is even more important. As the complexity of the tools used in fitting increases, the knowledge and expertise of the fitter becomes paramount.

For example, Retül's sensor location on your body is vital to obtaining good data. Just a few millimeters off the correct biometric position and the data is garbage, non-actionable.


The success of the fit is the result of much of the fitting philosophy of the professional, encompassing the factors listed above - and more.

We take a view that fitting should be highly personalized and done with care - no rushing. You don't want to be processed quickly, so the business can squeeze-in another customer, do you? 

We believe that to help you succeed, it takes time.

We compiled here a list of things you should know:


Enjoy the reading. We look forward to seeing you here in the studio.





A bike fit without either a pre-fit analysis or cleats adjustments is not a fit worth purchasing.

The pre-fit analysis determines what's possible and what's not for your personal situation. It teaches us your strength and weaknesses. It also determines the underlying factors related to injuries or the potential for them.

Cleat positioning is vital to your feet and knee health and comfort. It also gives you more power. Moving the cleats a small amount has a huge effects on your fit.



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