We are a test center for Rotor Q-Rings. One of the very few in Florida.

We are big believers in the performance improvements afforded by the oval Q-Rings and we decided to work with this product as companion to our performance testing program. We have personally used this product and we are always impressed by the performance. But don't just take our word for it.

You must experience  this product for yourself and decide if this technology is for you.

Testing Rotor Q-Rings couldn't be any easier.

There are different specs for rings to fit the many cranks that are manufactured today . Depending on your type of bike (road, tri or MTB) and needs, the ring size and BCD will vary. We'll help you determine the right one for you when you call us to discuss your specific needs and bike components.

  • Call us to reserve your rings/specs
  • Pick up the rings and have them installed by a qualified bike shop. The front derailleur must be re-positioned to allow for the bigger pattern at the top of the oval. Make sure your shop understands how to do this.
  • Pay a down deposit for the full amount of the rings
  • Ride the rings for 2 weeks
  • Return the rings after 2 weeks


    • We'll order the rings for you to match the test specs (2-5 days turnaround time, can be timed with returning the test rings)
    • We'll keep the deposit


    • Deposit will be returned minus $50 for the Q-Ring service time and use.

NOTE: we don't install or remove the rings. Please have your bike shop install and remove them.

The Q-Ring test program doesn't provide any bike fitting services.


If you'd like to know more about Rotor Q-Rings and the science behind Rotor rings, visit the Rotor site and read the circular vs. Rotor Q-Ring white paper.


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