Bike fitting for junior athletes is very important for both the parent and the junior. The growth of a junior process can be hindered by poor bike fitting and ergonomics.

Parents concerned with the proper development of their young athletes and kids should consider bike fitting an integral part of their child's training regimen and sports health care.

For junior athletes is important to ensure proper bike fit alignment and periodically re-align it during the many stages of the growth process.

We created a comprehensive bike fitting  program for juniors that addresses the special needs of this group of young athletes.

The parents of our Juniors are very involved

Our goal in creating this program was to make available professional bike fitting service during and after the formative years, so that good habits, proper ergonomics and efficient biomechanics are created for life. We also wanted to help develop our local junior talent base and give our local kids a leg upon the competition.

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We recognize the very important need for bike fitting for developing kids and juniors.

There is a much stronger sense of urgency in establishing the quality of relationship between a junior and the bike because during the formative years, the issue of ergonomics becomes paramount. During the growth stages, the foundations are laid for proper muscle-skeletal development.  Read here our article about bike fitting for kids/juniors.

Also, proper junior bike fitting can be the gateway to cycling success both local and national.

Bike fitting for juniors requires a specialty protocol that addresses not only the peculiar muscle-skeletal development of a young human, but also proper ergonomics, stretching practices, good communication with sports professionals like coaches and bike fitting professionals so good practices are established in these formative years.

Not many bike fitting professionals are qualified to work with junior athletes. It's more difficult to work with the young ones, from both the psychological and the physical perspective.

Also, there must be a verifiable trust between the bike fitter, the junior and the parent(s), as bike fitting can be a rather intimate process.


The Junior Development Program is our brainchild born out of the experience and the relationships we have created with our young athletes and their parents. We have earned our reputation for working with junior athletes through the many connections made with their parents, the quality of the results and establishing an unparallel level of expertise in this specialty area of bike fitting.

We have and are currently witnessing major local talent rising to the top. It's a very rewarding experience for us to be part of the process.

We helped several juniors break through performance barriers, succeed at regional and national level (many podiums in road, mountain and tri) and overcome muscle/skeletal imbalance previously gone unnoticed. Further, we have aided in creating the proper roadmap to help parents interact and guide medical professionals to a diagnosis that includes the factors from physical activity and cycling. Finally, we helped juniors understand their racing environment, tactics and sportsmanship so they are prepared mentally as well as physically.

We also wanted to keep pricing affordable, so that all parents could access the benefits of bike fitting for their children.

Bike fitting can lay the foundations for success for kids and juniors

Sportsmanship. A great asset for a junior


We understand that for a junior program to be successful it had to be recurrent  and periodic- not a one-time bike fit.

The junior development program is a year-long process during which a kid or junior athlete is periodically re-evaluated to asses his/her bike fit at periodic intervals.

As the young athlete goes through the growth stages, he/she returns to the fit studio for a full bike fit service to check on and reset the biomechanical alignment to the bicycle.

We found the most successful interval between bike fitting re-evaluations to be 6 months.

In rare occasions, juniors hit a steep growth spur that is better addressed with a shorter interval and must addressed sooner rather than later - especially if it coincides with important racing dates, like a State or National Championship.

In this case, we roll up the date of the mid-year check. If a further bike fit check is required during the year, it can be covered under the fit review program, so expenses are kept to a minimum.

Bike fitting for Juniors follows a specially designed protocol for young adults (including Fit For Injuries) and the application by bike type: Road, Mountain, Tri, Track, Cyclecross.

The bike fit protocol is a carefully developed program specifically for kids, juniors and young adults. The protocol is driven by special attention to the biomechanical behavior and muscle pattern activation found in juniors.

The pre-fit evaluation is critical in assessing and encouraging proper flexibility, muscle development and establishing a proper stretching regiment - which aids the development of good habits for the long term.


Track racing is a growing discipline for Juniors looking to learn good pedaling technique. Fixed gear can improve the quality of the pedal stroke, but it can also cause havoc on a poorly fitted cyclist. Proper bike fitting is required.


The process is as follows:

2 times a year, the young athlete visits the fit studio for a full Pro-Level evaluation.

  • Pre-fit evaluation:
    • Flexibility
    • Strength
    • Balance
    • Range of motion
    • Muscle balance
    • Foot analysis
    • Gait analysis
    • Key growth
  • Retul 3D motion capture fit:
    • Crank length evaluation
    • Saddle evaluation
    • Re-align fit to growth
    • Seat height, fwd/aft, tilt
    • Handle bar reach/height/width
    • Ergonomics (brake levers, shifters, etc.)
  • Computrainer Power Optimization
    • Pedal ID Analysis
    • Power Analysis
    • Integrate results of power analysis into Retül bike fit
  • Bike Measurements Digitization:
    • Bike fit measurements are digitized
  • Report e-mailed:
    • Bike fitting information and history (PDF)
    • Bike Measurements (PDF)
    • Power and Pedal Analytics (PNG/PFD)
  • Historical record keeping
    • All past and current information is archived for future reference

This is the most comprehensive Junior Bike Fitting Development Program available, proven to produce results.

Pricing for the junior development program is here.

The magic of Retul 3D motion capture: 8 laser sensors attached to the body map the junior's movements while riding.

Junior Tri set up closely patterns the Sprint discipline

Dad's proud of this junior's accomplishments. Taking video for mom to see and social media sharing.

Juniors can be very driven and want to learn every aspect of their performance. This is a lot of fun for us.

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