We are proud Platinum-level sponsors (the highest level possible) of the 2015 edition of the Rumble in the Jungle.

To further support the cause, we are offering a one-time special promotion for Mountain Bike Fitting only:

  • purchase a MTB bike fit between 8/3 and 8/7/15 and  receive a free single entry to the race (not a team entry, sorry)

It's our way to say thank you for being a great customer and supporter of our local trails. Part of our stewardship program:

If a Mountain Bike fit was in your future and you want to get something extra just for doing it, here is your chance to get fitted by the only Mountain Bike Fitting Specialists and race free!























Purchase your bike fit session between 8/3/15 and 8/7/15 - you can be fit at a later time, up to 2 months from date of purchase.

You don't have to get fit this week if you don't want to change anything before the race.

But you must purchase your fit between the above dates to qualify for the promotion. There may never be another promo like this, so hurry and claim your chance.

We have set aside 3 single entries for our customers who want to participate in this promotion.

If we exceed the number of free entries available (3 total), we'll do a random drawing among all customers who have purchased a bike fit and announce on Facebook the winners.

So, please make sure you visit our FaceBook page. Like us and follow us to get up to the minute information on the status of the competition.




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We'll announce the 3 winners on our Facebook page.

Make sure you are in the know.




It's simple. Give us a call and we can book an appointment at your convenience. Pre-payment can be done with green cash in person or plastic over the phone. Your choice.


As one of the very few Mountain Bike Bike Fitting Specialists, we are intimately connected with the MTB community. We feel that is part of our stewardship to participate in trail building, maintenance and support our local trail building entities.

And we like giving our customers extra value additional to our awesome fitting services and legendary customer care. In this case, a free entry fee to a popular race.


This race is produced by the trail crew who builds and maintains the trails at Markham Park, a Broward Country Park. The race is a fundraiser to collect funds to keep the trails accessible, fun and, especially, safe. This is how the trail receives its funds.

The race will take place on Sunday August 9 2015 at 8 AM.

We can't always donate time - we do more than 100 hrs of trail work per year, but more is needed.

So, we do all we can to help our friends keep our trails in great shape and adding new miles and features.




Did you know?


The whole trail system at Markham (as in most other parks) was build and is maintained by volunteers with private resources.

While Broward County contributes with continuous support and heavy-equipment loans from their facilities, the entirety of the work and funds expended on the trails comes from individuals like you and I,  private citizens volunteering for the greater good.   


It takes a tremendous amount of work to build and maintain a trail system. Little does the average park patron know that all the trails are build by volunteers donating hundreds of hours of their time, tools and expertise. But it doesn't end there.  Materials like wood for fun features and clay for erosion prevention, as well as pavers, nails, screws, specialty tools, etc. all need to be purchased to get the job done. The race generates the funds needed to purchase all these things.

That's where you and I come in. When you race, you donate you entry fee. We donate and help others race. The more we encourage people to participate, the more the fun and the more funds are collected for trail support. See? It's a wonderful circle of helping hands.

Won't you give yours? Donate. Volunteer. Ride. Get fitted.

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