We are once again a proud supporter of The SMART Ride in 2015.

Ride (with support) from Fort Lauderdale to Key West in 2 days to raise funds for research into the cure for AIDS. It's a fun but also long ride. Long because it means to challenge you. Because AIDS is not easy either. To find out more, go visit The SMART Ride web site.

To support the SMART Ride we launched a promotion to support you, the rider.  We believe this is a win-win for everyone.

  • We want to fit you in your bike to make you comfortable and pain-free.

  • If you are comfortable during the ride, you'll enjoy the experience to the fullest and you'll be back next year -and the year after, and after...

  • Your continuing participation contributes to more fundraising efforts.

  • Our donation of $25 for every registered participant who gets a bike fit at our studio adds to the fundraising efforts.

Together we help the cause and we make a difference - while having a ton of fun.


The SMART Ride is a fun ride, but it's also a challenge to a cyclist's fitness. The distance covered in 2 days is a challenge enough for most. But if you add the challenge posed by an improper bike fit, the fun can turn quickly into discomfort.

Here is where we come in. Our profession as bike fitters allows us to turn an uncomfortable bike into a pleasure ride.



Bike fitting is all about comfort and efficiency. It ensures the proper biomechanical and ergonomic alignment of your body to the bicycle.

Most cyclists consider pain in the back, feet, hands, neck, shoulders and knees as something that comes with the sport of cycling.

But this couldn't be any farther from the truth.

The typical pains associated with cycling are the result of a poor body alignment to the bicycle, not a rite of passage.





Did you know?


The general thinking goes something like this:


"Everyone gets those pains and aches. It's part of the deal. I just have to toughen up. They'll go away over time if I ride enough."


This can be a dangerous thought process. Accumulated pain and ache total up and can have long-term consequences.


With a proper bike fit, a cyclist finds his/her most comfortable and most efficient position on the bike. We specialized in working with individuals who ride for fun and heath/fitness and we know how to make your riding experience a memorable one.


We want to see you crossing the finish line in Key West all smiles.

Getting a computerized Retül bike fitting is an experience like no other.

Ride on dear fellow cyclist. We've got your back!

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