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Our passion is bike fitting, sizing, performance and anything bicycle-related. We try and satisfy our curiosity and thirst for knowledge in the process of exercising our craft and through research.

We share the results of our quest for knowledge through case studies and articles.

Here you'll find our original articles about bike fitting.

Articles have a wider view angle to the topics we discuss in our case studies. You may say case studies are more narrowly focused on a specific issue, while articles cover big ticket item topics.

In general, the main goal of the articles is to give you good advice - and maybe debunk a myth or two.

Keep coming back to see what's new, as we release new articles on a fairly regular basis.

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Here is a list of articles we have created. 


Buying a bike new bike? Read this. Why pre-sales Bike Sizing will save you big
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5 Bike Fitting Fads that hold you back
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Bike Fitting for Juniors. Why is it a must for your growing kids
Can Performance Testing give you an edge?

Ironman: How a bike fit helped as a first timer outperform his own expectations


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