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We are students of human power and its potential. We try and satisfy our curiosity and thirst for knowledge in the process of exercising our bike fitting craft through researching humans interfacing with a bicycle . Our passion, on the borderline of obsession, is bike fitting, sizing and performance. We share our findings in this section.

In the practice of our craft, we are exposed to a variety of situations. Because we specialize in advanced bike fitting, we are often confronted with out-of-the-ordinary situations. This is what we are deeply rooted into and where we derive the inspiration for our case studies.

May it be a specific request from a customer; an obscure issue going unaddressed by the general cycling population; or a typical case of the aches and pains... we select a number of cases we find helpful so we may bring knowledge to our cycling community.

We share our findings in the Case Studies Series with our fellow cyclists because we believe it's helpful to relate to actual situations. You may find a case that resembles your situation - and may help you find the solution you need.

Case Studies are specific and very focused on a specific case. Fitting topics with wider scope are discussed in our articles.

We hope that case studies will have that special Ah-ha! moment and help our cycling community find a solution to an elusive challenge that might have gone un-addressed.

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Here is a list of case studies we have created. Keep coming back, as we release new studies on a fairly regular schedule.


All our case studies are posted on our Facebook page.

Our most recent case studies are also published on our site:


Riding after injury. Can a bike fit improve you because of a limitation?

Big & Tall riders position - The challenge of the body geometry of bigger riders.

  We are in the process of duplicating all the case studies from the Facebook page to here for your convenience.

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